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Patrick Simard


Born and raised in Quebec City until I moved to Montreal to study Public Relations at University of Montreal and Marketing at the H.E.C. During my studies in my early 20’s, I worked as a model and travelled pretty much all around. Once I got my Degree, I started to work at Bell company in the marketing & sales field, but very shortly I realized that something was missing. This wasn’t the road I felt for. I needed a bigger challenge and find out who I was and what I wanted to do in my life.

Meanwhile in 1994, a modeling agency in Madrid reach out to me to work as a full-time model. I thought that this was my chance. At first it scared me a little bit, but my desire to accomplish something bigger was pulling me strongly to make the biggest decision of my life. I finally decided to move to Spain on 24th of February 1994 and by that I mean travelling to look out for my full potential as a human, personally and professionally.

For about a decade I had the opportunity to meet and work with thousands of different advertising companies and photographers. Modeling gave me a good background to step into what would be my biggest life discovery, the Tourism Industry.

In 2004 was my real debut in tourism, building a trade mission with Vigo’s Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

The main purpose was to target the potential of Galician’s companies such as, wine, granite, and tourism with Canada’s most important buyers. It was also the year where I started to do incoming travel services. In countless times I had the opportunity to explore Morocco, Spain and Portugal, so they became rapidly my markets since I knew them like the back of my hand.

For my understanding, to become a top organizer, I needed to know it all, and by that, I mean travelling to all the places and create strong bounding with our suppliers. For many years I also mastered my expertise with top travel agencies in Spain, working as a corporate coordinator all around the world. 


My vision regarding traveling reside in linking people, bringing a real meaning, a consciousness into their travel and journeys. Connecting together to make the world a better place to live


Quintecensser is born of a team of like-minded people, a resource team with more than 15 years of experience in the travel industry, with the desire to make things different. We have the commitment of gathering and linking people around a responsible and caring way of travelling.

We are skilled travel experts, connoisseur of the art of “savoir vivre”, craftsmen creating outstanding journeys to reward the true traveler in quest of a life connection. Our thinking is to create enriching experiences, for travelers by combining an unbeatable mix of exceptional service and quality at great value.

We have specialist based in each major cities of our territories, which look after your perfect travel experiences during your holidays, the best support for your businesses and corporate travel arrangements. We believe in the power of personalized travels and we continually scour Morocco, Portugal and Spain to find unique moments that are worthy of your time. Through our sustainability efforts and vision to make travel matter, we listen, we consult, we find, we select, we negotiate, we coordinate, we plan, we promote, we create, we track and audit every detail.

Business and leisure services might have a different approach in terms of needs but in all circumstances, what we aim for is a professional able to understand and provide all the support through our journeys.

We have the commitment of gathering and linking minded people around a responsible and caring way of travelling