Be Quintecensser
Embrace a travel lifestyle
Be Quintecensser
Embrace a travel lifestyle
Be Quintecensser
Embrace a travel lifestyle


We are a leisure & adventure luxury DMC based in Lisbon, offering travel services in Morocco, Portugal and Spain.

Ideas driven by inspiration. Passion driven by purpose. We are an innovative team of unique spirits that build beautiful experiences. We cement our relationship with the client base on attentiveness, engagement and creativity. Our partnership network as well as our local sourcing teams in each major city of our territories guarantee all your needs, expectations and beyond.

The key of our success is a total knowledge of our ground services, because we’ve been there!

We are connoisseur of the art of “savoir vivre”creating outstanding journeys to reward the true traveler in quest of a life connection.

Tailor-Made Travel

Memory-makers of curating experiences

Be a Quintecensser

How to be a Quintecensser and adopt an Adventure Lifestyle?

The word quintessence is originated from Latin, which means Quinta Essentia, the “fifth essence of life”. This fifth element would be the Sky representing the cosmos, our spiritual connection and the self-discovery.
By being a Quintecensser you make this “fifth sense” a priority into your journeys as you explore the world. We propose to unplug your daily routine, to help you making choices to create your identity as a traveler and let emerge the true adventurer in you.

Building awareness in our travels is important for our planet.



Extraordinary travel experiences require highly personalized service. Our expertise lies in taking the time to get to know you, determine what you want and present the best way to make your dream a reality. We have journeyed across our territories to personally experience what will transport yourself to far-flung places. From luxury beach resorts and alpine retreats to country houses, luxury lodges, desert escapades, we create bespoke travel services.

Woven together through rich cultures, histories, wildlife and a natural beauty; our planet, our home, is something to embrace and discover

Weaving curative travel journeys into meaningful connections


Our originality comes from our detail-oriented expertise with a wide array of knowledge capable to create milestone experiences and exclusive trips just for you. Connect with extraordinary places, go deep into the culture, share unforgettable camaraderie encounters and walk into incredible journeys that capture the essence of authenticity. Whether you are travelling with your family, friends or a group, we will draw the perfect custom tailor made itinerary that match your travel style, your passions and your pace. Travelling is what changes you; it is what makes you grow.

We aim to surpass your hopes and surprise even the ost well-traveled.  



First-hand knowledge means first-class service. We have travelled and invested thousands of hours in scouting and bounding strong relationships with our suppliers in order to tailor the perfect trip for you. Passionate in our work and tireless in our pursuit of excellence, we make travel matter for our precious planet. We’re conscientious, it’s not just where you go, but how you get there. Wherever your wanderlust takes you, we’ll seamlessly craft a personalized and completely unique travel experience just for you. Off the beaten track experiences and mesmerizing adventures.

Stay on the cutting edge of travel today


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