Humanizing your corporate events
Morocco, Portugal and Spain meeting your expectations
Humanizing your corporate events
Morocco, Portugal and Spain meeting your expectations
Humanizing your corporate events
Morocco, Portugal and Spain meeting your expectations


We are a solution-driven team working to drive down costs without sacrificing service. We tailor solutions that are right for you, your business, and your employees.

We are designers, dreamers, and doers who work small, so our clients can dream big.

We are a DMC based in Lisbon specialized in incentives and business travel services in Morocco, Portugal and Spain.

We inspire people through shared experiences

Quintessencer corporate Lifestyle is based on more than 15 years of experience in the world of destination management, event, and design services. From conception to execution, we create experiences, we plan programs, manage, and design each and every detail of each and every project. By delivering innovative solutions for our clients, and doing things the right way, we’ve built a culture of accomplishment. Designers, dreamers, and doers who work small, so our clients can dream big. As long as there are dreams, Quintecensser will be here to design them.

You know your brand, business, and audience. We know how to design elevated experiences. We sweat the details so you can focus on what really matters: your business, your people, and your guests.

Strategy, creative and content to bring your story to life


First-hand knowledge means first-class service


First-hand knowledge means first-class service. We have travelled and invested thousands of hours in scouting and bounding strong relationships with our suppliers in order to tailor the perfect event for you. We are passionate in our work and tireless in our pursuit of accomplishing your best offsite event ever.

We use our expansive resources and extensive ground knowledge of our three destinations to provide world-class DMC services.

Marrying attention to detail and creativity has never looked so good


We are a family of inventive souls who create immersive worlds for our clients. Through our dedicated and diligent approach, we have built a solid foundation of fabrication though imagination. That foundation has led to a reputation of excellence that defines both our execution and our family. We are the dreamers, the thinkers, the planners, the team behind the curtain.

We encourage everyone on our team to be creative, not just trough design but logistics as well. We understand that true creativity comes from within challenges and constraints, whether it’s time, money, venue, staffing, or all the above. We provide brilliant solution by understanding those restrictions and applying our detailed imagination!

We are business experience experts who partner with you every step of the way to create and deliver your events, flawlessly. Exceptional programs, and the peace of mind that comes with them.

Expect a partner who will stay strides ahead


We’re a healthy mix of detail-oriented and deadline-driven creative thinkers with countless experience designing, planning, and executing engaging live events. Our experienced, multilingual team leaves no detail to chance, ensuring flawless program delivery every time. We believe that what truly underpins our success and the many relationships we’ve built are the enduring values that guide us every day.

We are in the business of relationships, not one-hit-wonders. After all, this is a forever kind of love. We will always have an open mind to learn, to experiment and to embrace new ideas here to serve you and your guests every way that we can. Through our experience and creative solutions, we build relationships that inspire confidence and encourage best practice!

We are collaborators, event planners, logistics coordinators, innovators, creators, dreamers that deliver what we do best with a passion to please.

We prove what was once only imagined “W.B”


Our staffers can step in and shape a phenomenal and fluid experience from inception and development to execution and conclusion. Our years of experience ensure polish and professionalism, while our inventiveness guarantees that your occasions embody artistry, energy and panache.

Quintecensser helps you build innovative business events that motivate, inspire, inform and educate.

We are the tread that brings meaningful connections together! Made by motivated, curating and memory-makers!